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Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world but themselves

 – Stephen Moss

We provide an opportunity to encourage the children to positively develop their potential in personal growth and leadership skills in a safe, fun, caring environment.

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Our Philosophy at Mini Masterminds

Our mission statement reflects an understanding of the importance nature plays in learning and development during the first few years of life.  Research shows that “Nature play” supports the overall development and well-being of children.

5 Learning Domains

Social, Emotional, Language, Cognitive and Physical development.

20+ Years Experience

I treat every child as if they were my own, in a loving and nurturing environment.


Our Programs

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of both children and families through specific goals and objectives. We focus on building off of the strengths of each child, taking advantage of every teachable moment.


Positive Support & Development

Belonging in our daily practice is caring for the children’s interdependence with others and the foundation of relationships in defining identities. In early childhood, and throughout life, nurturing relationships are key to a sense of belonging. It shapes who children are and who they can become.

Mini Masterminds Child Care A pink, hand-drawn heart with three curved lines on the left side, suggesting sound waves or motion—a symbol perfect for child care and Mini Masterminds programs.


Our goal is to encourage each child to explore all areas of developments knowing all forms of communication are acknowledged and welcomed.

Mini Masterminds Child Care A blue scribble, red "123" numbers, and a yellow star drawn on a black background—perfect for our Mini Masterminds youth programs.


Our program encourages an active and creative experience for the children by providing opportunities to explore and play using a child directed approach.

Mini Masterminds Child Care Simple line drawing of a green car driving on a blue wavy road, perfect for child care and mini masterminds programs.


Every child is welcome and we make sure they are surrounded by love and support. Our program encourages freedom of expression based on the child's interests.

Mini Masterminds Child Care A Mini Masterminds stick figure person stands next to a blue flower with a yellow sun shining overhead, capturing the essence of creative youth programs.


Our program nurtures the development of a child's self awareness through loving and supportive relationships.


We Are Happily Taking Enrollments

Our mission statement reflects an understanding of the importance nature plays in learning and development during the first few years of life.

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